Sang Stasia!

by Stas Thee Boss

Keys 02:44
Take my bitch to the beach Grant her wish and her dreams Likely she a vampire The way she suck on me We kiss it makes me weak Feel like SWV She takes all my power She go down on me Prolly fly her out Just to kiss her cheek I stay up all night Just to watch her dream I feel quite safe with her I'm pushin a Prius Used to want Range Rovers Oh I love my Kia It so damn great with her So many ideas I really prayed for her Thank my overseer I'm like a slave for her Captures all my fears I had to wait for her I'm happy she's here Don't play no games with her I Have to keep it real
Rotary Style 01:52
Every time I vocalize my phrases I can feel the energy changes I control the moon and run the phases I represent the black constellation You represent a wack corporation Money and the bag is all you chasing It's funny but it's sad because you're wasting All your time with trolling and the hatred The beat is holy moly and it's sacred Seems you only know the standard basics That means you'll never know me no relation You can ask my homies who's the greatest They always sacrifice the GOAT to give the praises I hope the afterlife is dope cause I can't take this I know you have to lie when you approach my face bitch It's always cappin time like you can grow your fade in Wha ha happen wha ha happen where ya wave went You always tappin dancin pandering for payment Im always nappin when the woke having a statement I hate to laugh at your inadequate engagements Your horrible haphazard arrangements Deplorable half assed and makeshift Rhetorical yap yappin and cape-in Perjorative at all of your attempts
Can't Stand 02:03
These niggas don’t understand me Boss nigga stas unhand me Know these can’t stand me Have a seat nigga you can’t stand me All the hoes say I taste like candy Do the most sip whiskey and brandy I’m the goat and you copy exactly Get your jacks on like randy Speak the facts & that’s on granny Never been wack ask my family Always been mac thats uncanny Imma Big Mac you a sammy No bread no cheese or no hammy You jimmy nigga I been jamming So jelly when I make that jammy You work at the jelly factory
I don't get bitches But they get me I'm only in this Cause the rent free U granting wishes Like a genie I'll wash your dishes And your panties I give you dissick Like I'm Scotty You give me figures And your body Please don't give it To everybody I know these niggas Tryna rob me I know you bitches Prolly throbbing I paint a picture Like I’m Basqui Ought to put me Up in that lobby Front and center Like I’m godly
I jump the gun I take a risk I do this shit fun You are a bum You stand outside the store And beg for some You have a cup Its filled with nickels and A couple ones Your cardboard sign Says you do stunts Just for a couple bucks Gave you my lunch I heard you grunt As if you didn’t want Go head and munch Don’t be ashamed There’s more where that came from
Love everybody Fuck the haters
Fake Money 02:24
Ain't shit but fake shit In this era Paint things and gay dance like a fairy Basically I'm black Keith herring Patiently waiting not sharing Ain’t shit but fake shit in this era Ancient my greatness is so glaring I feel your hatred I'm not caring Baseless and basic Is your carry You are on waitlist And Im daring Serve me like waitress A good pairing You are a waste fish Like a herring You got no taste It's so apparent You prolly named Trisha or Karen Aint shit but fake shit In this era You bout the benjis Like puff daddy You got your fendi From good haggling Fronting and bending To look shabby Wanting pretending That you’re happy Don’t bring that weak Beat no where round me You got that low freq Impaired soundings Hi peak in earpiece That weird pounding I got that high key That rare foundling


felt like singing.


released October 2, 2020

Written, Sang & Produced by Stasia Irons

Recorded at Litter Box Studios in the Bedford-Stuyvesant section of the Brooklyn borough in New York.

Mixed & Mastered by Black Constellation Brother: Erik Blood


all rights reserved



Stas Thee Boss Brooklyn, New York

1/2 of the dearly departed duo THEESatisfaction, Stas Thee Boss makes, takes and breaks. Swirling Jazz and Hip Hop with hypnotic flows and rewindable bars.

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